How to pronounce my name?

I’ve lived and worked in different countries, and each time I’ve met people whose names were unfamiliar to me.
That’s all right! That means I was in an environment where I could learn more!

I always try to make an effort to pronounce someone’s name correctly, but sometimes it can be a bit awkward, and that’s OK, too.

I’m not offended if my name is not pronounced correctly – but it feels nice when it is.

For this reason I’ve created this page, so you can learn to pronounce my name, if so you wish :)

The easy way

Try to pronounce the following as you would in English: Andraash Jitco

The better way!

There’s a thing called the IPA – International Phonetic Alphabet.
The IPA reader website can “read my name aloud”. After clicking the links below, I recommend selecting the voice model “Joanna” from the dropdown.

My first name: András


My family name: Zsitko


Thanks for making the effort of pronouncing my name correctly, I appreciate it!