Hi, I’m András Zsitko. I use the username zsiti on most platforms.


Currently I work as Site Reliability Engineer in Copenhagen, Denmark. I work mainly with Linux-based infrastructure, lately in the Cloud, with Kubernetes and Docker. Previously my expertise was Ansible config management, and VMware virtualisation, and on-prem Linux servers.

DevOps, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes

I’m in a fortunate situation, I’ve found my passion for IT a long time ago, and with the recent advent of DevOps methodologies, I’ve realised that this is what I’ve actually done my whole life, only in different formats of my life – I’ve always strived to be able to reproduce things from scratch, keeping my environment minimal, but high performing at the same time – and now this is happening in IT as well, which is great!

IoT and Home Automation

I’ve acquired my first Raspberry Pi (it was a Pi B+) on 2014/12/31, and ever since not a week has passed without making something IoT or Home Automation related. I possess a few more Raspberry Pi’s which came out in the meantime, including a Raspberry Pi 2 a Raspberry Pi 3 and a few of the smallest form factor Pi, the Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W.

Then the ESP based microcontrollers came into my life, also a nice platform for creating custom sensors and gateways.

After a time, I’ve out-grown the Raspberry Pi, and now I have a proper-ish HP Enterprise Gen10 Microserver ticking happily in my server closet, it’s the heart and soul of my Home Automation, built and set up with the peak of my knowledge and experience from my day job: it has VMware virtualisation, Docker, Kubernetes, and many more.


I also practice affordable WordPress site creation and maintenance as a side gig with my buddy Ákos, who I grew up with. We run this company called Browsum. If you’re interested in contracting us for WordPress work, hit us up through the Browsum webpage contacts.

If you’d want to contact me personally, feel free to reach out via any social media platforms – if it’s professional, then I would suggest LinkedIn.

Since you’re here anyway, I’ll make contacting me a bit easier for you: below you can find a contact form which will shoot an email towards me. I’ll reply within hours, and I reply to every single email, so feel free to ping me.


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